Well, I Nearly Burned the House Down

Wanda Holderman: February 24, 20133 Comments

I have wondered from time to time how it could be possible to experience an entire house fire from such a small source like a frying pan or candle...in fact, when I have pondered it, I obviously have misjudged the seriousness of such an incident...until recently.

My husband and I had been grandbabe-sitting, and our grandson spent the night. The next morning we were all sitting at the center island in our kitchen with our grandson sitting in between us, coloring. My husband was on the computer and I was reading a book. Very calmly and in his sweet little voice, our grandson said "there's fire in there". We looked up to find flames coming from a candle/oil scent device. Earlier in the morning I had put some scented oil in the top bowl and must have spilled some where the candle was lit.

You know the "cardinal sin" of splattering any water with an oil fire? Well, in my panic to put this growing fire out, I wet a towel to try and smother the source, but did not wring the towel out adequately and when I threw the towel on the candle/oil holder, it aggravated the already out-of-control fire, spreading oil around the base. Black smoke was billowing and the fire alarmas went off throughout the entire house since they are on the same circuit. Simultaneously, our grandson started crying uncontrollably as the alarms piercing throughout the house were scaring him beyond comfort.

I ran outside with our grandson (it was freezing out there, and here we were with our PJs on, no jacket, and no socks/shoes). My husband then threw the whole thing in the sink and managed to get the fire out. He opened all the windows, got some fans going and it took what seemed like an eternity for the alarms to cease. Ash particles were all over the counters and kitchen floor and the sink was full of candle wax...what a mess!

We were wondering how the heck were we going to get the wax off the stainless steel sink, and then my husband said" hey, WD40 is a solvent, I'll try spraying that on the wax". Well, sure enough, that did the trick! I've always heard people say there are many uses for WD40...and my sink looks like new...Haha.

Oh boy, lesson learned and now i can look back and laugh at this almost very tragic situation. I told my 2.5 year old grandson that morning: "Now Landon, this is our little secret and we don't need to tell Daddy or Mommy"...well, what do you think the FIRST thing he said to my daughter-in-law when my husband took him home that night? "Mommy, fire at Oma's! Beep, beep, beep" (recalling the alarms).

Next time you experience an emergency, go back to the basics and the tried and true concepts you've learned in all those drills, it's not rocket science, and could save "burning down the house".

3 responses to Well, I Nearly Burned the House Down

great post...of course I

great post...of course I know what we gonna talk about for family night discussion.

Try throwing some flour on

Try throwing some flour on the fire next time to smother it or better yet, get an all-purpose fire extinguisher (or 2) for your house.


Your grandson was a very smart to tell you that there was a fire. I hope you praised him for being brave and so smart.

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