Used Parachute

Wanda Holderman: November 20, 20070 Comments

What if you were looking for a great deal and you saw this posting: "For sale-Parachute. Only used once, never opened, small stain." Yikes! Obviously, this would not be a worthwhile purchase. However, if you were a college student trying to score furniture for the apartment, and this was an ad for a couch....not a bad investment...a little elbow grease for the stain, a nice cover and presto, your in business!

I strive to be conscientious in how we represent the Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital and the services we provide with the utmost integrity. There have been so many positive events occuring at our placeover the last year....a name change reflecting the foundational cardiac program along with diversification of services, Community Medical Centers (CMC) Board of Trustees approval for an expansion project to add operating rooms, recovery rooms, a procedure room and a 144 seat conference center, financial stability after an extended period of negative performance with a strong trend of increasing operating room utilization, Joint Commission Accreditation and subsequent designation by BlueCross of California as a Bariatric Center of Excellence, the highest employee satisfaction score in CMC, favorable patient satisfaction scores overall, collegial relationships with our affiliated medical staff, Healthgrades recognition as best in the Fresno area for cardiac services, and refining a program to have 24-7 in-house internists (Hopitalists) at our facility to provide quality care around the clock and the ability to direct admit patients who need our care.

All sounds great, right?.....any stains? Well, of course, and any organization that does not seek to to be vigilant to self-analyze, monitor, and validate continuous improvement efforts does a disservice to those it serves. I want to regulary be challenged to raise expectations, be committed to rigorous quality standards, and assure a "safe landing".