The "Unhappiest" Place on Earth

Wanda Holderman: January 02, 20080 Comments

Okay, whose bright idea was it to go to Disneyland and California Adventure the day after Christmas....oh, that's right, it was my idea. I thought it was supposed to be the "happiest" place on earth....well, normally it would be, but a "bajillion" other people had the crazy idea of being there the same time me and my family were there, the nerve! The lines were the maximum wait, the fast-passes were even unavailable each time we tried to get one, it was exceptionally cold for Southern California, and the park employees (whom I thought were all supposed to be cheery and customer friendly) were a bit grumpy!

Depsite all that, we did have fun, vowed we would never again ride the "Tower of Terror", and were thoroughly soaked on the "Splash Mountian" ride and froze until we could make it back to the hotel to change our clothes....mmmm....I can't remember getting that wet during the summer time when I would have welcomed the moisture.

The experience caused me to think about the customer service we offer our patients and their significant others when they come to our facilities to receive care, call to make an appointment, receive a bill from us, or other communication.....are we "grumpy" if we get busy, distracted and overwhelmed, or are we striving to be customer friendly no matter what our circumstances are? I hope for the latter, and on a regular basis. It does take some effort and determination to consistently provide a positive encounter for all we serve, but et's strive for this 100%!