Time Flies When You're Havin' Fun!

Wanda Holderman: September 06, 20120 Comments

Whoa...what happened to Fiscal Year 2012? It's gone!!! 

September 1st ushered in the new Fiscal Year and with it refreshed targets to strive for. Traditionally, you tend to think of financial perfomance with any use of the word "fiscal", but there are many other considerations when building a strategic plan and budget.

There is a list of "Top 10s" that Community Medical Centers will be focusing on to strive towards excellence and success. Each facility has developed business plans around those and it's a very exciting time in healthcare, but certainly not without challenges that will require all levels of staff, affiliated physicians, vendors, and a plethora of healthcare enities working collaborativey with the organization to realize great outcomes.

The Top 10 (in no particular order of priority or significance as all are material to our success): Cost management, Resource Utilization, Contracting, Integrated Delivery System, Acquisitions, Quality, Electronic Health Record, Employer of Choice, Get Well Network, and Gainsharing.

Cost management and resource utilization go hand in hand are are critical to manage as reimbursements are continuing to erode. We simply cannot continue to provide care the way we have been as the cost/reimbursement curve won't support it. It will necessitate clinicians looking at opportunities to care for patients more efficiently by looking hard at test ordering, drug and supply use, length of stay, and interventions. 

Contracting, Integrated Delivery Systems, Electronic Health Record, and Gainsharing overlap in that caring for patients has always necessitated cooperation with payers, hospitals, physicians, and access to different levels of care. Entering this era of "healthcare reform" is going to require exceptional partnerships, systems offering insurance companies and self-insured companies cost-effective options to care for their members, access to a variety of care levels, an accurate exchange of healthcare information, and an opportunitiy for aligned physicians to assist with efficiencies and once those costs are reduced, an agreed-upon formula and policy for sharing those savings.

Quality, Employer of Choice, and the Get Well Network speak to the importance of creating a satisfactory environment for staff to work, patient's to have an outstandng experience, and for exceptional clinical outcomes to be realized.

Many of you hear almost daily that there are hospitals closing, being acquired, or acquiring. Community Medical Centers desires to be a leader for acquiring other institutions that may be struggling and offer them leadership and stability that on their own has been a struggle.

Well, quite a year ahead and well beyond, yes, as Buzz Lightyear would say, "to infinity and beyond"! (been watching too many videos with the grandbabes!)...hang on, it's going to be "fun", and before you know it, another Fiscal Year will have come and gone. Let's plan for the best!!!

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