Systemic Redundancy, Does it Work?

Wanda Holderman: March 13, 20080 Comments

I recently attended the American College of Healthcare Executives of the courses I attended was a sober reminder of the importance of standardization, following procedures and protocols, and scripting.

What was most interesting were the comments about the most mundane and routine procedures being the most vunerable because we're all possibly too comfortable and relaxed....we can do the procedure "in our sleep" so to speak.

Well, some of the cases (albeit likely outliers and uncommon, thankfully) that were discussed were a frank reminder to be on guard, pay attention to subtle changes, treat each patient as an individual that may not respond in a predictable manner, and think safety, safety, safety!

Ok, on a less serious note.....Chicago was a balmy 50 degress during the day, but at night dropped into the low 30s...the locals were sunbathing!