Stocks Up......Stocks Down......

Wanda Holderman: February 17, 20080 Comments

.......and round and round we go. I'm not an avid stock-watcher by any means but I did notice recently an article featuring the historical performance of a "Members Only Warehouse" stock, it was very stable and often progressive........and I know why!

If you shop like I do, when I walk into one of those places, it goes like this: I have my list of what I "need", then, for some crazy reason I see all this stuff that I believe is a good bargain that I simply cannot pass up because I might save 2 cents per can on, you know, green beans. It of course takes my husband and I about 6 months to consume all those beans and I could have obtained a lesser quanity on sale at a traditional grocery store for even 4 cents less a can, but at the time, it seemed too good to forego.

 I also buy things I don't need when I'm at one of those places. I am sure the employees take special courses on how to atttractively display items so they are irresistable! Take for instance the package of white tennis socks that are in quanities of 30. They are displayed in such a fashion surrounded by the cross-trainers and exercise clothing that one just HAS to purchase the entire ensemble. (I still have socks in the back of my drawer from three years ago!)

There's a healthcare lesson in there somewhere I'm thinkn'.....or maybe not, but, does human behavior and responses drive the marketplace? I suppose.