Skydiving, Racecar Driving, Bunjee Jumping...

Wanda Holderman: November 06, 20110 Comments

...Downhill Skiing, Motorcross, Extreme 4-Wheeling, and adopting a Mountain Lion-what could possibly go wrong, right?

 The activities noted above are certainly not an exhaustive list of what some would consider entertaining and a thrill. More rational folks might opt for one or more of these if they were assured of proper training, competencies, repetition, return-demonstration, skilled workers, documentation of orientation, certification, proper equipment, and sound protocols...and that these "precautions" would result in safety and security.

Mmmmmm, I think we need to add to the list healthcare access. We all would like to think that we are safe and secure when having a procedure. What could possibly go wrong, right? Hey, if all the measures above are taken, why can't we be assured everything will be fine? Well, sometimes things go sideways.

It's a somber reminder that as healthcare givers, there needs to be a constant alertness, strive to verify, verify, verify, and ask the "dumb" question if you're uncertain. 

Oh, and I am going to skydive someday, I'm just waiting to convince myself it's worth the thrill!