She is "okay" for now....

Wanda Holderman: April 12, 20121 Comments

...last week my family traveled to Stanford University. The appointment was an assessment of our 10 month old grand-daughter, to determine the status of her kidney dysplasia (cysts in both of her kidneys). After some analysis, the conclusion is that she is okay for now and will undergo check-ups, lab work, and ultrasounds on a periodic basis.

We are thankful and relieved that her situation is not acute and that by all appearances, she seems to be normal in every other way. We are trying to enjoy this "unremarkable" time, and not let the her diagnosis burden us unduly. We must focus on the positives and strive to not let her physical ailment rob us of enjoying every day. Someday, according to all predictions, she will go into renal failure and need transplant; barring a miracle.

I am very appreciative of living in an age where there is amazing technology, skilled people, and high-tech equipment that if needed, is there for our consumption. I am grateful for so many caring folks who ask about her regulalry and offer support, positive comments, well-wishes, and prayers.

I think maybe she will be President of the United States some day. Children who endure illnesses at a very tender age seem to be so resilient, strong, and are overcomers. She will be confident and brave. She won't let this situation get her down. She will teach us great lessons about endurance in challenging circumstances.

Thanks, for now.



One response to She is "okay" for now....

Blessings, prayers...

My prayers are with you, your granddaughter and family. Thankfully, she has a loving and caring family and a network of people, research, medical miracles to help her along her path.

My Mother-in-law is 91 years young. When she was a child she had polio...trips to Shriner's Hospital for surgeries and braces on her legs, a tough childhood. She has had a wonderful life...great husband, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. We do believe that it was her fight with polio that has made her so strong over the last few years. She keeps as active as she can...reading, playing cards, playing computer games. She is teaching us all to be strong, to hang in there!

All the best I wish for your granddaughter!

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