Riding Motorcycles Safer Now?

Wanda Holderman: December 21, 20110 Comments

I ride a motorcycle and so am always interested in hearing about enhancing safety for that hobby. I was pleased to read an article recently about an inflatable jacket that deploys if there is an impact...like airbags in vehicles.

The company "Dainese and Alpinstars" is close to releasing the product, but I'm uncertain as to when they will be available in the US. Apparently these things inflate via microsensors that detect impact and take less than 1 second to achieve maximum size. The vest forms a huge air cushion when engaged and is unlike some versions that use tubes and are much slower to fully inflate.

Technically, there are three gas generators filled with nitrogen and are integrated with electronic activated valves. A transmitter, mounted on the bike's front fork, engages if it detects a deceleration greater than 10 G's-like hitting a big object.

Wow, this is one of the biggest advancements in riding safety gear since good ole' leather and full face helmets. Allegedly they are going to perfect the torso-protective devices, and look at leg protection later.

I know, I know, some would say...hey, just ride in a car with air bags and get a convertible if you want the "wind in your hair"...but I say, nay, nay, I like the thrill of the bike! Be safe in the meantime!