"Please pass the salt..."

Wanda Holderman: March 04, 20147 Comments

Growing up in a small community in the Kern County area, there were many local family farms and I have fond memories of joining my Dad on many an occasion to help him out in the fields. He was a simple man with no formal education due to circumstances beyond his control as a youngster, but he was exceptionally wise.

Even though I was number 5 of 6 children, he and I were very close-I was his shadow. I have the best memories of him putting me on the tractor seat when I was only 4 years old, putting it in first gear, and instructing me to manage the steering very carefully so he could hop on and off the trailer to insert metal pipes in the irrigation ditches every three rows. We had the best conversations, and he taught me that hard work, a strong faith, and loving your family were important things to cherish.

There was a farming family in the area that had four children, and one in particular I remember was the youngest named Anita. She and all her siblings were very intelligent and were straight A students. What I didn't realize until much later into our adult lives, was that Anita did not speak until she was 4 years old. The family loved to tell the story that they were sitting at the table one evening, and out of the blue Anita spoke for the first time and said "please pass the salt"...they were all flabbergasted. To this day, she is a very successful careerist in the education industry.

As many of you know, I have a grand-daughter that has been diagnosed with Autism. She does not speak at almost three years of age. I am hopeful and know that one day we will hear her say "please pass the salt".

I wish you all the best in health and wellness, and if you have circumstances that seem impossible, don't give up hope...blessings are headed your way.



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Reading this entry brought tears to my eyes. Happy tears I might add! It is relatable to me on different levels, and I felt compelled to leave a comment. My Tata was a farmer, and harvested many things, including grapes and cotton. I was the first grandchild, and I have many fond memories of sitting on his lap, while riding the tractor. I would spend all day with him going up and down the fields, helping his workers out, or even snacking on the freshly picked items. Those are some of my favorite memories. He passed when I was very young, and my family sold the ranch. But I have always been very grateful for those memories with my grandfather! Fast forward to 2010, I gave birth to a baby girl weighing in at only 2lbs, 10oz. She was three months early, and from the beginning, doctors weren't certain that she would survive. It was a time that truly tested my faith. But, she was a fighter, and she survived! Everyday she grew bigger and stronger, and her stregnth pushed her Father and I to be strong too. She hasn't had many developmental delays other than her speech. She too, is three and says minimal words. She attends speech therapy, and a class for other three year olds with speech delays. Slowly but surely, her ability to communicate is improving. You are absolutely right, don't give up hope, and blessings will come your way. I have learned to NEVER give up on having faith.

"Please Pass the Salt"

It is a good thing when we know a bit about the people that lead us. Wanda, you've given us a precious glimpse into your young life . . . and left us with hope for the challenges that each and every one of us face within our families. Thank you for taking a moment to write this for us.

Wish you best of luck. Your

Wish you best of luck. Your story is good and you are one of the fortunate ones who got family and love. Take care of yourself.

That was enlightening. Thank

That was enlightening. Thank you for sharing.

Wish you best of luck. Your

Wish you best of luck.

Touched my heat

This subject touched me very much, because I have a boy diagnosed with Autism. And let me tell you, patience is a virtue, never lose hope. Always remember what your father taught you Wanda about "Hard work, a strong faith, and loving your FAMILY." My boy never said a full sentence until now at age 5yrs. Now I can finally hear him say I LOVE YOU. It means the world to me, and will to you to when it happens, and it will.

This is amazing... thank you

This is amazing... thank you so much for sharing

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