Peeps Farewell

Wanda Holderman: March 24, 20080 Comments

Those popular marshmellow candies that are made from marshmellows (of course), sugar gelatin, and carnauba wax (what's that!?!) and shaped into chics, bunnies, and ducks, have made their Spring appearance and now we bid them farewell! Apparently they were introduced into the US market in 1952 originating in Russia. Way back then, the candies were made by hand and originally only in the shape of chickens (hence the "Peep"). Now, they are not only popular at Easter time, but many other Holidays as's peepmania. Oh, and now there are different flavors too! Cocoa, vanilla-eggnog, strawberry and vanilla, cookie (gingerbread) and orange.

They are versatile little things too.....did you know that you can put two peeps in a microwave with toothpicks adhered to the sides of each and once they are heated up, will expand and thrust the toothpick lances towards each opponent and the winner is declared if it doesn't pop and deflate.....peep jousting, who would've thunk!

Then there are the peep-eating contests, it's a peep-eatery for 30 minutes and a 5 minute cooling off period, and of course you're disqualified if you, well, lose your peeps if you know what I mean. When they resume after 5 minutes, they can shove as many peeps in their mouths as possible in an attempt to chew and swallow during this time.......I know you're dying to know the all-time record...102 Peeps! (Yuck).

At the end of any season of the peeps there's a "peep slaughter" at The Smith College Science Fiction and Fantasy Society where there are various methods to "massacre" the peeps raning from toilet flushing to a Viking funeral.

Oh boy! I hope you had a glorious Easter with possible faith-based activities, and time with family and friends. Now, a C-fit plug-make sure to work out a few extra minutes each day as I'm sure you consumed your share of Peeps, chocolate eggs and honey-baked ham!