"Oh, I thought you worked here"

Wanda Holderman: March 08, 20080 Comments

My husband came home one day (a couple of years ago) after picking up a few items at a local home improvement warehouse store. He shared with me that he was roaming around the store looking for the things on his list and while he was loading some merchandise onto his cart, a man approached him and without even asking if my husband worked there, just began rattling off a list of questions like: "where would the needle-nosed pliers be", and such. My husband politely let him finish and then said, "I don't work here", the man replied, "Oh, I thought you worked here". After my husband shared this episode, we had a good chuckle and that was that, or so I supposed.....

......approximately two weeks later he came home from a smaller hardware store and indicated he experienced a similar encounter from the weeks previous, this time, he was actually in a conversation with one of the employees, and as they finished their conversation, someone who had been standing patiently near them, came up to him and asked him for help with some decisions. He said, "I don't work here", the individual replied, "Oh, I thought you worked here". My husband came home and shared this second event with me. I told him it was odd, and the two of us thought nothing more of it until......

......a few months later, he once again was in the large warehouse store and was "minding his own business" when someone approached him and asked him for assistance in locating something in the store. It was incredulous, but he mustered up a polite, "I don't work here", the customer replied "Oh, I thought you worked here". Well, you can imagine when he shared this with me I believed he was embelishing the story(s) just a bit and it was all a strange coincidence.

Some time passed, and on this particular occassion, I was with my husband as we were shopping for some home items. I was absolutely stunned and flabergasted and quite tickled when a lady aproached my husband (me right at his side dialoging about our own needs) and she said, "Pardon me, could you help me find some specific lighting materials?" I was about to burst into an obnoxious fit of laughter when he said his well-rehearsed line, "I don't work here", and right on cue, the lady said, "Oh, I thought you worked here".

Well, I guess my husband just has a face that shouts out "Hi, I'm here to help you!" My son was joking with him one day and said, "Dad, I think I'm going to get you a Home Improvement  apron like their employees wear because they think you work there anyway!

Let's keep in mind that when our customers are seeking help, even though it may not be our particular job for their specific request, get them pointed in the right direction (even take time to escort them to the appropriate destination), make them feel special and welcome, and be proud to say "I DO work here".