Numero Uno

Wanda Holderman: February 14, 20080 Comments

Did any of you get a chance to watch the finals of the Westminster Kennel Club competition? Well, it was delightful! Precocious and so precious was the baying, bouncing, and barking beagle named Uno, and he had won! He apparently was a consistent crowd favorite and as his handler indicated, "He's a people's dog". The sold-out crowd chanted his name and roared when he was pronounced the winner.

A Beagle had not won in the 100 times the Kennel Club had chosen a winner. Uno even beat out two pristine and immaculately manicured and groomed poodles. The judge indicated that Uno "....does cuteness well", and by golly he did. Whenever he would prance around the ring, it was if he was saying "look at me, look at me".

I suppose many will now go out and sell, buy and adopt a beagle. Uno knew how to win. Before he arrived in New York, he had won 32 best in show ribbons overall. His handler indicated that right before the big finale, he was napping snuggly beneath his warm, fuzzy blanket. But when it came time to show, he was as ready as ever. He looked around and soaked up the cheers while parading around the ring, the ovation more thunderous with every step. When he stopped in front of the judge he really put on a show.

Hey, I'm going to try want Uno did....the next time I'm up for a big presentation in front of my Bosses or the Board, I'm going to take a nap!