Nope, No Way, No How, Not Gonna Do It...

Wanda Holderman: September 12, 20120 Comments

...that's what I used to proclaim about getting a Flu Vaccine...until yesterday.

I know, I know...I should know better, right? I worked as a bedside clinician for many years, have been in healthcare for 30 some odd years and have never received a flu vaccination. In fact, I was down right opposed to it. I am one of these quasi healthnuts that doesn't like to introduce stuff into my system, hate taking medications, and have read "both sides of the argument" about being immunized and not being immunized.

Well, the County Public Health Officer, local infectious disease specialists, and a mountain of data tells us it is prudent and significantly reduces the risk of illness and spreading the flu to others who are compromised. There are many opinions out there and philosophies, and experiences. I encourage you to do research and consult your medical provider and have conversations about what's best for keeping the flu rate down.

I decided to get the vaccine. Hey, it didn't even hurt....really!

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