My Husband Tried to Kill Me!

Wanda Holderman: January 14, 20080 Comments

Well, it felt like it anyway. Have you ever driven out on Auberry Road up to Millerton Store? In a car, I never noticed the gradual and persistent uphill grade for approximatley 12 miles until my husband encouraged me to ride my new carbon-fiber bicycle (that is so light I can pick it up with one finger) with him yesterday. He has been encouraging me to stay fit, ride with him more, and has been gently challenging me to take some new paths.

Hey, I've been married to this guy for over 30 years and have put my trust in him........until yesterday, he tricked me! No more buddy, the next time you say we're going on a new trail, I'm going to do my homework. No more of this, "you can do it, it will be a 'little bit more than what you're used to' "-I don't think his definition of a "little bit" is the same as mine!

Oh well, you know what, after all was said and done, I did experience quite a bit of self-satisfaction and was quite proud of myself for hanging in there despite shortness of breath, burning thighs and bad thoughts about my husband.

After all, I need to be a good sport and participate in activites for healthier living because I've been encouraging staff to join C-fit!