MY Health Records stored online? I don't think so!

Wanda Holderman: March 03, 20080 Comments

Okay folks, I still write checks and use cash.....I do very little online, so I'm not about to put my healthcare information on there! I'm usually one to try new things and think of myself as quite progressive, but I'm just not comfortable with the Google option of Health records on the Web. It's going to take alot of prodding for this consumer to store my data in portable electronic files!

Apparently there will be this online repository where consumers can store health information. The Web service will allow you to enter your own basic medical data that would be stored by Google, managed by the submitter and would be your "personal health record". I think it's having a bit of a struggle because of worries regarding online privacy. The data is touted as "basic" but can include: name, address, phone number(s), insurance info, emergency contacts, employment info, prescriptions you are taking, allergies, immunization records, medical history, current medical condition(s), and doctor visits! Wow! I would called that "detailed" information.

Did you know that these "personal health records" that you set up on line yourselves MAY NOT be subject to the same privacy provisions of HIPAA, and therefore may not be fully protected under federal privacy rules?

I'm all for more research on this because a common source of healthcare data in the most ideal and protected situation would be awesome, imagine a patient being rushed to the ED and was unable to respond, the significant other could access the pertinent health information online, provide it to the ED medical staff and physicians, and expedite diagnosis and treatment.

 Soooooo, many challenges ahead, but in the meantime, I will just trust pen and paper.