Music and Laughter

Wanda Holderman: January 04, 20120 Comments

I'm sure many of you were experiencing both (with some bubbly) on New Year's Eve.

But did ya know there is a "serious side" to that laughter stuff? Yep, it can be very medically therapeutic and healing and reduce big time stress. Laughter is scientifically proven to release neuro-chemicals that promote relaxation and bolster immunity. You've likely experienced relief when someone says something funny under tense circumstances or points out something really absurd in a chaotic situation. Apparently this laughter remedy can also reduce inflammation, increase immunity, and enhance pain relief. I guess you just have to be careful about stitches and laughing though-yikes!

Music can help with relaxing too. The harp is especially great and soothing. Sixty-cylce music (a rhythm that cycles 60 seconds, such as Baroque) has been known to restore a normal heart rate and rhythm. Okay, I'm sure that doesn't mean we trade out the defibrillator on the crash carts for a Bose though! Hehe. 

My oldest son was around for a few days this past week and one day we turned on the "Three Stooges". Now folks, normally I do not like the slap-stick-type comedy, but I've got to unashamedly admit, those guys are funny! I especially like the "Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine" episode...OMG! I found myself in "stitches" watching them scurry about and inadvertently leave many of the surgical instruments in the patient. As ridiculous as ever, the patient scooted off the table and started "jingling" as he walked away...oh boy, so very silly, and yet so darned hilarious.

Oh boy, I hope you can find laughter every day (appropriately of course!) and relieve some of the inevitable stressors we in healthcare deal with day in and day out.