MRIs Assess Love Levels

Wanda Holderman: February 11, 20080 Comments

With February 14th looming near, I was encouraged to read that at the Story Brook University in New York, "functional magnetic-resonance imaging" can analyze the brain while you're looking at a photo of your true love. The machine records changes in oxygen levels of the blood feeding the brain. If there's a high level of freshly oxygenated blood in certain areas of the brain, there's an indication that the brain is more active in that area.

Mmmmm....imagine that! When there is robust activity in the region called the "ventral tegmental area" (rich in dopamine) it apparently indicates feelings of pleasure. A frenzy of activity in the "ventral pallidum" will also indicate long-term bonds and deep relationships.

Don't tell my husband, but if they show me a picture of an all-expense paid trip and buying spree at the Mall of America, there may be a rush of passion that will cause the MRI to start smoking! hehe

Happy V.D. Valentine's Day that is!