Mom's Fried Chicken...

Wanda Holderman: May 10, 20121 Comments

...the best in the world. I've tried to follow her instructions to a tee, but I simply cannot duplicate the results. She never used a recipe book, nor wrote any of her "secrets" down, just a "pinch of this and a dash of that". She and my Father lived simple lives, good 'ole farm folks in the South Valley. Long hours of work, swinging on the porch, and having guests over for Sunday dinners (now ya know, my family then had "dinner and supper"...dinner meant lunch time).

My Mom would get up at 4AM EVERY day (even Sundays), and start the routine for the day...fixing biscuits, gravy, bacon, and eggs...all lathered in ample quanities of butter! Oh, and that homemade jam?...absolutely. My Father would have breakfast and a stiff cup of coffee and as he headed out the door, he would say "Mama, what's for lunch today?"...he lived to eat for certain. Mom would save the bacon grease from the morning bacon to cook the next two meals of the day. AWFUL for you, but the best tasting food ever!

Well, what does this have to do with healthcare you might ask? (or not-hehe). When I think of Mom's fried chicken and how for the life of me I couldn't seem to produce the same outcome she was able to achieve, I think about how incredible it is that in our patient care industry, we do have successful and scientifically proven ways to reproduce good and consistent outcomes and results...just need to adhere to them!

Some balk at standardization and feel it's "cookie-cutter" approach to medicine and desire more often than not to alter the "recipe". Sometimes that is certainly warranted as every patient is uniqely and devinely different, but it is a prudent thing to stick with proven and researched interventions.

Some in the Community system have already transitioned to EPIC Electronic Health Record (EHR), Fresno Heart and Surgical launches in October. An important factor contributing to successful use is certainly standardization with evidenced-based processes.

Hope we can all comply!!!

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That Chicken sounds good and

That Chicken sounds good and so did evrything else. Made me hungry. Im sure your chicken is good but nothing replaces mammas cooking.

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