"Mom, can you rub my back?"

Wanda Holderman: January 21, 20080 Comments

Each time my sons come to visit, sometime before they depart, they ask me this question......they are 30 and 28.....I love it! They're not too old to have 'ole Mom rub their backs. It may seem "gross" to some, but it's special to me and as my one son says, "see Mom, we're spending some quality time together".

It makes me think of when I worked at the bedside and there were times that the most unpleasant patient would require our care, you know, the ones that lived on the streets, had critters on their body, and didn't smell so great. At times in my heart I would be judgemental about their predicament in life and suppose that they could do better for themselves. That's when a very special gentleman came to our doors needing our care....here I was again being critical in my heart towards him, but "doing the right thing" and providing everything he needed which was also a back rub after his bath....."ma'am", he said, "most folks don't want to come near me, let alone rub my tired old back, I sure do appreciate it"....well, what a slap in the face! A needed one I might add.

Let's never forget the mission in healthcare and always consider it a privilege to serve, no matter how "gross" it may seem at times.