March Madness

Wanda Holderman: March 20, 20080 Comments

Well, certainly for NCAA Basketball.......but also a packed schedule for March in general! Blossoms, wildflowers popping up all over the place, the time change, Saint Patrick's Day, Spring Break, the first day of Spring March 21st, Palm Sunday/Easter Sunday, cycling events, motocycle runs, inline competitions, golf tournaments, Doctor's Day, Albert Einstein's Birthday and even Dr. Seuss's! And the list goes on.........

Whoa....I'm planning to go snow skiing at Sierra Summit the last weekend of March....what a crazy contrast!

Well, that's all cool stuff..........for Hospital Leaders on a September 1st Fiscal Year, this is the time of year when we're diving into budget planning, capital (equipment/construction) purchase discussions, strategic business plans, productivity bench-marking tools, and short/longterm projections-but I won't let those necessary projects keep me from having fun!

I want to encourage you to keep that "work/life balance" thing, well, balanced. I know there's alot to juggle-faith, family, friends, self, and work. There's no "one size fits all"! But I believe it can be done. The main thing is try to ENJOY whatever you're doing (Ok, MOST of the things you're doing will work, some are just flat out unpleasant so........just get them done).

But Wanda, I'm not getting enough sleep, I'm not eating right, I don't have time to exercise, I'm too a good book.....are you kidding? I know, it's's a few suggestions: make a list of priorites (like, what REALLY matters?) and give full attention to one at a time, drop unnecessary activities...learn how to say "no" to certain committments and even pursuits, protect your private time (and I have to say this one especially to myself) STAY OFF THE CELL PHONE AND EMAIL during your private time, adopt an encourager who will hold you accountable to all the above, and plan relaxation (sounds weird that you have to plan for it, doesn't it?), and above all, have some fun!