Lickable Ads.....EEEUUUWWW!

Wanda Holderman: February 25, 20080 Comments

What will they think of next? Some magazines are going to try out this strategy for marketing consumable products. Welch's is apparently going to take out full page ads in People's Magazine this month so readers can sample it's grape juice by licking the page! Whoa...that's just plain icky!

Well, let's see about this from a healthcare perspective....I'm sitting in my doctor's office waiting for an appointment, I pick up the most recent edition of People's Magazine, as as I'm fingering through, I'm in danger of exposing myself to someone else's saliva for crying out loud! Oh, but wait, I've been assured by the ad designers that folks will peel off the entire sticker on the ad before licking, and if someone doesn't rip off the whole sticker, the flap can't reseal, and then of course I'll know if it has already been "used".

I can deal with the scratch-and-sniff that became popular a few years ago and is still utilized, but this licking business....I can't stomach it. Well, this isn't the first....about one year ago in Rolling Stones Magazine (now THAT doesn't surprise me) a company offered it's flavored Rum strips.

Hey, while they're at it, why don't they come up with an ad that would have more general acceptance....everybody likes Pizza!

I've been told that the ad companies have gone to great lengths to assure that the lickable ingredients are safe and meet FDA guidelines-oh, that makes me feel better.