It's that time of the month....

Wanda Holderman: January 11, 20080 Comments

.....irritability, temperament changes, biting questions, subjective assumptions, mood swings, bloating....well, it's not what you're thinking. The time of the month I'm referring to is the dreaded "month end close"!

Finance, hospital and corporate leadership, and others who are watching your performance hold their collective breath until all invoices are submitted, accruals are calculated, payor mix is analyzed, deductions are appropriately applied, and net income is finalized. You hope and pray that all the stars are aligned and that the bottom line is favorable. I love my job (no, really I do).

Is there undue focus on the finances? No, I believe there is an appropriate balance of attention to being good stewards of the resources we are responsible to manage, and there is a serious mission to preserve an appropriate margin so we can reinvest in our employees, quality, service, and facilities to better serve our community. I seek wisdom everyday about how to keep poised and steady.

 Did I say bloating earlier, oh, I meant gloating (that is when we have a positive result!)