It's Not About the Money

Wanda Holderman: May 01, 20130 Comments

Community Heroes is what it's about.

Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital (FHSH) is hosting a pilot for a Community Medical Center's Foundation program that will allow grateful patients to recognize staff and physicians for awesome care received and provided day in and day out. The patient is given an opportunity to make a donation, name an individual(s), and that person(s) can be formally recognized as a Community Hero, and ultimately have a very special lapel pin awarded to them to proudly display that symbolizes the heart of caring.

The dollar amount of the donation is not significant, but rather the intention to show appreciation for highly skilled and compassionate health care givers, and a mechanism for the patient to offer gratitude in a palpable way.

I remember when I first started at FHSH, the hospital received a lovely thank you note and enclosed was a check for $10.00, written as if the person was struggling with the effort in writing with a pen; words jagged and imprecise-I remember being so touched by this gesture as it was as if it were a $10,000.00 check based on the repetitive thankfulness displayed in the note. I'm certain the $10.00 was a real sacrifice for this person.

I hope this campaign really takes off, not for the money we may receive from the donations, but for the needed pat on the back to those who are making a difference.

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