It's the Little Things

Wanda Holderman: November 26, 20131 Comments

If you were to ask folks what they are thankful for, you would undoubtedly get a variety of answers depending on different vantage points: stages of life, personal circumstances, location, career, affiliations, world-happenings, the economy, and...well, you get the picture.; often it is circumstantial.

I genuinely am interested in trying to be thankful more consistently despite what life may throw at me. It's down right hard though. Too easily, I become cranky when things are not going the way I intend...I get all nutted up and unfortunately sometimes "share" that discontent with others...

...then I think about my grand-daughter who has been diagnosed with autism. She is beautiful, precious, and making progress everyday as she benefits from intense behavior modification therapy.

Most of the time in the past, I was thankful for "substantial" things, but now, I am grateful for the little when I greet her, she now offers me a kiss, when I leave and say "good-bye", she waves to me, when she wants something, she now uses basic sign language and/or corresponding character/item cards to communicate her needs. It's thrilling and I am deeply thankful.

I hope this season is full of blessings and opportunities to be full of gratitude!


One response to It's the Little Things

Thank you

Yes it is the little things that count, thank you for the reminder.

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