I Wish I Had a Nickel For Every Time My Husband Has a "Patent" Idea...

Wanda Holderman: June 05, 20133 Comments

...Remember the sitcom Home Improvement? I often refer to my husband as "Tim, the Toolman Taylor"...he loves to construct things and usually likes to create them to the extreme. He also takes pride in doing it himself versus buying something or paying someone to do it.
He will often come up with an idea after pondering for quite awhile. We laugh about his comments that "Hey, I could never be an Emergency Room physician because I can't make a material decision quickly, I've got to have time to think about it, the patient would likely not survive under my watch, if they had to rely on a speedy decision".
He's a thinker alright. I get frustrated because I'm pretty much the opposite, I usually assess something briefly, make a decision, and want to get on with it. I grow impatient with him when he can't give me an answer right away about something we need to get done (of a significant nature of course...on the other hand, he can quickly inidcate what he wants to eat  for dinner-hehe).
Recently, he purchased a very simplistic stand-up oscillating fan and then created a device that he mounted on the face of it to allow for a "mister" feature. I'll have to say, it works very well, especially on these smothering hot days. About a week later, we saw in a products magazine, one very similar (but not as robust) for $299.00 (ours, all-in with the enhancement ran a little less than $100.00). He said he should patent the unique design and sell them for a little over cost...okay honey, whatever.
He also cracks me up because pretty much everywhere we go, he will see something and say "Hey, I can build that myself". Okay honey, whatever.
So, what does this have to do with healthcare you might ask? Not much, actually, just thought you would get a kick out of my world at times. Oh, and on a serious and applicable note...don't stop expressing ideas about how things can be done in a different way; even if there is something already created and we have a certain way of doing things, use particular products, have developed different protocols that we think are brilliant and "patented", you will likely come up with an idea for the better! 

3 responses to I Wish I Had a Nickel For Every Time My Husband Has a "Patent" Idea...

Dwane the tool man

Wanda Have him start watching Shark Tank on Friday nights he might get a kick out of it.

the guy is one heck of a

the guy is one heck of a strong bike ride too.

A lot alike

Haha. I did get a kick out of that. You and I sound a lot alike as our husbands do...anal-yzers as I call them. My husband is a theologean and a thinker...I just wish he had more the "Tim, the Toolman Taylor". Consider yourself blessed in that area. I have to hire EVERYTHING out. Heehee

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