"I will NEVER do that again!"....

Wanda Holderman: December 10, 20070 Comments

The "Climb to Kaiser" is a 155 mile bicycling endurance ride for the avid cyclist (and mentally deranged)...my husband decided to give it a go this year and 12 hours and 50 minutes later claimed victory over the seemingly insurmountable task. When he arrived home he proclaimed that he would NEVER do that again.

Well, the next day, before he could even say good morning, he told me that if he trained a little more and prepared a little differently, that he would be willing to do it again! I suppose there's a gem there in his proclamation and willingness to give it another try...less than 8 hours earlier he was certain that the feat would not be repeated and yet when he had time to recover and reflect, it actually brought him great satisfaction to consider his accomplishment and initiate plans do it even better the next time around! 

When you feel overwhelmed, when the exhaustion is fresh, when you're saying "I will NEVER do that again", don't make a definitive decision about future plans...give it some time, call trusted colleagues for advice and encouragement, be willing to devote time to the effort, and make your final decision after a good night's rest or a needed respite.