I Have a Headache!

Wanda Holderman: October 23, 20110 Comments

I have a terminal headache as I think about all this healthcare reform stuff...or the Patient Protection and Accountability Act (PPACA).

Okay, okay, I know we have things to do and our system is broken. About $7500/person/year is spent on healthcare in the U.S. while about $2,200/per person/year is spent on education; and in Japan, they have the lowest per capita healthcare spending at about $2,500/person/year...(with similar outcomes). So, we have some work to do. But good grief, one of the numerous demands like the employer and individual mandate to offer/have medical insurance coverage and inherent penalty for not complying, will be monumental.

Some folks have very strong opinions about the individual mandate especially...what if a person choses they would rather spend their household income on other things like food, clothing, and shelter? As you know, there are numerous court cases indicating the individual mandate is unconstitutional. Personally, I prefer not taking a risk of no coverage, but some are willing to chance it for numerous reasons including just plain 'ole inability to pay for it.

Also, if the PPACA is enacted fully starting in 2014 and through 2020, government reimbursement to providers of healthcare will be reduced by $16 billion dollars state-wide, and about $47 billion dollars in fees will be imposed.

So, we've got some pondering to do about how to provide exceptional quality at a reduced fee. Put your thinkn' caps on...it's gonna be a challenge for certain, and I hope you thrive on the unpredictable! Don't get too comfortable...get ready for an "E ticket" ride!