A Happy Place

Wanda Holderman: November 28, 20121 Comments

Often this time of year can oddly enough, bring on some melancholy for me...but shouldn't it be "the most wonderful time of the year" as the song proclaims? Well, it truly is. There is much to be thankful for even when the storms of life undoubtedly overwhelm and shove challenges right in our way.
I'd like to consider myself an optimist and an encourager, but sometimes I quietly (and at times overtly) get a bit discouarged...personally and professionally. There are so many things just plain 'ole out of my control and I don't like it! As my husband indicates, I'm an independent soul and like to move things along.
I'm thankful for many blessings, family, friends, fatih, and the privilege of a challenging career. There are times when life disappoints, and I believe strongly that everything happens for a reason, and ultimately those times make you stronger on the other end.
Something very positive happening at the Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital is training of our leadership by the Disney Institute regarding Service Excellence. They have some simple but profound components that foster a successful culture starting with Leadership Excellence that translates to Employee Excellence, Customer Satisfaction, and successful Business Results. Today culminates the training sessions and they have been awesome. But now the "work" begins and so groups have been identified to address opportunities for improvement. Discussions will be had, plans wil be made, Roadmaps will be developed, Best Practices will be launched, and we hope to penetrate the entire Hospital with the desired culture that can be sustained, not just "the flavor of the month"-that will be "a happy place".

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The happiest place on earth

Wanda, I just want to say thank you for taking time to invest in our happiness as employees of this wonderful hospital. I am encouraged to hear the change that is under way. Just want to say I hope you keep updating us as you have in this blog and your last email about the Disney Works Groups. This would help the rest of us feel like we are part of the wonderful environment we will all work to build. Thank you always Norma Lara

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