Groundhog Day

Wanda Holderman: December 21, 20070 Comments

Remember the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray? He plays a TV weatherman named Phil who works for a local station in Pennsylvania. He's charming on camera but when the red light goes off he becomes self-centered, treats his co-workers with contempt and is just plan old mean. He is covering the story about "Punxsutawney Phil" who is a groundhog that has the ability to determine the length of winter by his ability to see his shadow. Weatherman Phil wakes up to his second day with a sense of "deja vu" and each day repeats it's self over and over intriguing thing happens as the movie progresses....the more Phil relives each day, the more he starts to really care about others, starts to show respect and even tries to save the life of a homeless man while falling in love with co-worker Rita (played by Andie MacDowell).

I hope that I do not just perform for the audience on cue or maintain professionalism when people are watching....I hope I can consistently be sensitive, caring, respectful, and devoted even when I am surrounded by negativism, challenges and anymosity. Is my life really that challenging? Do I really have pessimistic experiences that often? No, life is pretty good and I do enjoy my job and colleagues.....I just desire to "take the high road" as often as I can.