Wanda Holderman: December 16, 20110 Comments

...you know, "feel-o-meter" for those of you who do not speak German.

Apparently, there are some creative artists in Lindau, Germany, that combined art and technology resulting in an interactive product. A monstrous-sized Smiley face is mounted on a lighthouse in the city that is constructed of fluorescent neon tubes and a bunch of steel pipe, and the thing displays a facial expression depending on the city dwellers' moods...huh?

Yeah, a digital camera is mounted along the lakeside and captures faces of folks walking by and a computer program analyzes the countenances. The looks are studied, averaged, and then replicated on the big display. The manifestation allegedly reflects the town sentiment at any give time and displayed in three different categories: happy, sad, and indifferent.

Hey, I'm going to try this before I go in and ask my boss for approval on projects...hehe.