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...Nope, it's not a typo. Miriam-Webster definition: "to paint (the face) with cosmetics".
I was driving to work the other day and saw a gal putting on her makeup while driving (not even at the stop light...she was going about 40 miles an hour while attempting to do). I think there should be a law on the books against that! (hehe). As my mother used to say..."you could poke your eye out with one of those things" (mascara wand)!
I admittedly do from time to time, text while driving (confession time). Why am I so possessed with this? I feel a burden to answer someone's text message to me the moment I finish reading it. I have attempted using "Siri" via handsfree, but she doesn't always get what I'm saying. (Have you seen the Ellen Degeneres commercial where she tries over and over again to have Siri type a text message for her, and it fails every time?...Siri keeps telling her "I didn't quite get that, try again"). I end up looking down to read what I have just dictated to Siri, which can take my eyes partially off the road as well.
Community Regional Medical Center has a top-notch Level I Trauma Center with highly skilled providers, but I don't particularly want to test out their services.
I encourage you (and myself, of course), to try and avoid texting while driving..oh, and avoid "farding" while enroute.

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I agree that texting while

I agree that texting while driving or not using a handfree bluetooth device while driving is dangerous. Please be responsible while driving.


There is a law against doing your makeup and even eating things like soup with a bowl and spoon (I've actually seen people doing this) while driving. If a Law Enforcement Officer were to witness this behavior they would probably pull them over, unless they were on their way to a more urgent call. I can't recall the exact code at the moment but it has to do with reckless driving or something. There are many driving laws that people don't seem to know about that they violate all the time. Examples of some of these would be items (no matter how small) hanging from your rear view mirror, plastic licence plate protective covers, unsecured cargo (including dogs) in the back of trucks... Many of these things you can be ticketed for however most officers don't have the time to enforce these laws. Also, some of those laws, if violated, will cause YOUR insurance to have to pay out if you are in an accident as if you were 100% at fault, even if you are not at fault. It's important to know more than the minimum that the DMV test requires.


Funny she should want a law against farding. There is one. So, ladies & some gentlemen-don't do it and don't get caught. The officer will give you a ticket!

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