Did you know there's an 11th Commandment?

Wanda Holderman: February 03, 20080 Comments

Well, at the Holderman Household anyway......one evening last week, two of my colleagues and I were out for a business dinner, and one of the appetizers on the menu looked quite appealing, so I ordered it-two whole cloves of baked garlic, roma tomatoes and a touch of olive oil. A few hours later, I arrived at home, excited to greet my husband after a long day and instead of "honey, how was your day?", the first thing out of his mouth was "WHAT did you have for dinner?"......."Well, what do you think I had, and 'hello to you too!' ".

After brushing and dental flossing my teeth, I crawled into bed and my husband was STILL complaining about the "odor". And get this, he got up the next morning and indicated that he almost had to sleep in the other room because eveytime I would reposition myself during the night and turn toward him, the "stench" was almost unbearable. He then declared: "From now on, the 11th Commandment is 'no garlic for you!!' ". He has always had such a sensitive "sniffer".

You know, come to think of it, I can recall actually being on "the other side of the sheets" requiring healthcare services and can vividly remember on one occassion a healthcare employee with some sort of perfume that was so overwhelming, I was dangerously nauseous and threatening to, you know, "lose it"....I had to ask that person to leave the room.

Let's be aware and sensitive of our customers "sniffers" and leave the cologne at home.