Continuity or Change?

Wanda Holderman: January 30, 20120 Comments

Change in any industry is actually a sign of a dynamic and successful company. It's a "good thing" to make adjustments when needed, and it's best when creating a high threshold bar to institute a change. Consistency is also crucial in an attempt to foster the right balance.

I read recently that the United States Constitution in all it's over 220 years in existence, has only experienced 17 amendments since the Bill of Rights in 1791. Impressive. It's a tribute to the Founding Fathers that built into this document solid principles for just about every situation.

Change ideally should take place after careful assessment. It can be rapid if needed (as in a life-saving scenario), or more methodical, if time allows. Modifications to policies, statutes, rules, structure, strategic plans, etc. are important to provide the best outcomes in an unpredictable environment...and boy, do we know that healthcare can be a wild card!

Consistency is just as important so there is not erratic behavior with inevitable environmental forces pushing against us.

Uncertainty in our world is relentless...sometimes it's hard to know...change or stay the course? Well, I can say this for sure-healthcare is never boring, requires great understanding to know when to implement a change....AND know when not to.

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