Collaboration....does it work?

Wanda Holderman: April 03, 20080 Comments

The very word "collaboration" suggests cooperation and working jointly to accomplish something, it also eludes to working as a team. So.....theoretically, it should work, right? I believe this to be true with some provisios. The healthcare "team" (executives, staff, physicians) need to embrace the importance of quality and cost efficiency initiatives, support positive outcomes as a result of encouraging core measures compliance and evidenced-based practice, and listening to one another about suggestions to improve. By the by, I firmly believe that some of the best ideas come from folks working at the bedside.

When good outcomes occur, it's a natural assumption that there will be a windfall of other good "stuff" to follow.....fewer complications, better patient experience, less time in the hospital, expedited recovery, cost savings, increased efficiencies, and generally happiness to all :).

Sounds great, right? It is, but oh boy, it ain't easy. That's where the collaboration piece comes in. These efforts are not by one specialty or individual, rather, it's doctors, nurses, other licensed practitioners, other direct and indirect care givers, and basically anyone that has a part in the patient experience that need to be included in efforts to achieve the highest quality....everyone needs to own the goal.

We need to be passionate about this, not just because it's the right thing to do, but people are never before, healthcare outcomes are very transparent, we need the community to have faith in the care delivered, and who knows when it could be anyone of us on "the other side of the sheets".