Wanda Holderman: January 12, 20120 Comments

...what do ya think of when you see the word? Delicacy, expensive, rare, and special occasions, right? Would you have thought of the word "morgue"? What?!?

Yep, apparently in St. Petersburg, Russia, local law enforcement agents found about 385 pounds of the stuff stored in a refrigerated space where cadavers are also housed...OMG!!!

Allegations are that a morgue employee and a local businessman were in on the caper. Hey, they had good intentions, they told police it was for a hospital employee New Year's Eve celebration...oh, that makes it all better.

A majority was reported to be from salmon but some were from endangered sturgeon...uh oh, probably additional charges and jail time for that.

Word has it that New Years in Russia is a big deal and results in a lot of illegal caviar sales so police beef up their search and seizure efforts targeted at this very thing each year. 

Mmmmmm, hope your celebrations bringing in the new year were uneventful and filled with chips and dip, not snacks from the morgue frig! Yikes!!!