Cake for Breakfast?...Semantics I Say

Wanda Holderman: April 29, 20121 Comments

Well, probably shoudn't...unless you consider this:

Isn't a muffin a form of a cake?, just w/o the frosting I believe. How about flap-jacks?, just like a cake to me...and...with what on top?, lots of butter and that's healthier than cake, right? Oh, and how about the "mini-muffins", that's better of course!, NOT!...cuz most folks eat enough to make up for one muffin (or likely more!, I think without taking a survey, I'd say most folks consume 10 minis to one regualr muffin-hehe). Then there's the fried version of cake...french toast ya know, and it's got powdered sugar to boot. Ahhhh, but the mother of all "acceptable" breakfast alternatives to cake is (drum-roll please), the apple fritter!!!!! So, if people give me a disapproving glare for ordering cake for breakfast...sounds "okay" to me, wouldn't you agree?

Seriously...the whole "break the fast" thing probably should lead me to choose something healthy. No matter what your sleep cycle looks like (especially for those of you who work PMs and/or nights), try to make a nutritious selection to start your "day"-will be better for ya, and folks will be less likely to stare...hehe!


One response to Cake for Breakfast?...Semantics I Say

Too funny. I have said that

Too funny. I have said that for years. I am glad someone agrees with me.

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