Wanda Holderman: November 11, 20110 Comments

...you know, the urge to find meaning or patterns in numbers. Well, it is after all 11/11/11. What does it mean to you?

 I am not superstitious, nor do I get all caught up in what the configurations could mean, but it is kinda fun when these things come around to pontificate.

It is however, a very meaningful day that should demand our respectful reflection-Veteran's Day. I had texted a veteran friend today to offer my utmost admiration and his reply was so profound: "Although I did not at the time consider it, I was the one honored to have served. I will never forget those who have gone before".

Freedom is not free, and I hope to forever embrace and cherish that. Bravery, courage, and selfless devotion...to those who have gone before, those who serve today to preserve that privilege, and those that will choose a life in the armed services, I salute you!