1960 Healthcare

Wanda Holderman: March 22, 20121 Comments

Well, I was only one year old and not thinking about much of anything, let alone healthcare in the sixties. 

Fifty-one years later, here I am an executive healthcare leader reflecting on all the trivia stats that speak for themselves and thought you would be interested in seeing:

                                                       1960                                                                     2010          

Per Capita Health Spend                              $147                                                                  $8,402

Gross Dollars on Healthcare                        $27M                                                                  $2.6B

Healthcare % GDP                                         5.2%                                                                  17.9%

Medicare Enrollees                                          18M                                                                   44M

US Population > 65 yrs of age                      17M                                                                    40M

Heart Disease deaths/100K population         559                                                                    180

Obesity prevalence                                           13%                                                                    35%

Tobacco use                                                       42%                                                                    21%

Well, barring tobacco use and heart disease prevalence, it's all "bad news" and considerably worse than years ago. One thing for sure, healthcare is a "commodity" that is being consumed  by a society with an appetite for superior technology, pharmacuetical advancements, exceptonal quality and service, and yet with great disparity of philosophy about how it should be funded. Hang on folks, put your seatbelts on, and continue to enjoy the maddening ride of healthcare "reform".


One response to 1960 Healthcare

In that same time period,

In that same time period, average American life expectancy extended by 9 years for 69.7 to 78.7...or about $270M in expenditure for each additional year of living.

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