12 Men on the Field

Wanda Holderman: November 30, 20070 Comments

Isn't "more, better"? Why do we need to follow the guidelines if one more player on the field would give us an advantage and help us to score? Why do we need to follow the basics and fundamentals, aren't there times when you should "bend the rules"?

Imagine the game of football with no instruction, regulations, and principles......go ahead and allow substitutions when the ball is still in play, let the players who have been called out linger on the field, never have a dead ball, let the players be "out of bounds" on the opponent's sideline, line the ball up wherever you please, don't worry about a stinkn' neutral zone, and while you're at it, allow offensive and defensive players to cross over that zone anytime they desire, allow clipping (boy, could you score more points that way!), and above all, give 10 points for a safety, not just 2!

Well.....that's crazy and would result in mayhem. Football is inherently full of the potential for chaos when there are time pressures, expectations to score and win, and when the championship is at stake.....and so it is with healthcare....we are under consistent pressure...timeline deadlines, high expectations from the public, physicians, staff, payors, regulatory agencies....and, we are expected to be the best in whatever we do by golly.

We must always remember to "follow the basics" like Universal Protocol and calling a "time out" before an invasive procedure, utilizing foundational directives based on scientific evidence, and following those darned and seemingly oppressive regulations. Structure, policies and procedures, and standardization seem burdensome at times, but the minute you don't follow these "commandments", that could be the time you would be vulnerable to a significant "penalty"...but much worse than that, someone's health may suffer.....an unnecessary consequence and would be most regrettable.

 11 Men on the Field-that's the rule, it's there for a good reason, so abide by it!