When miracles become commonplace!

Jack Chubb: April 17, 20120 Comments

Today marks the five year anniversary of the Miracle on Divsadero (University Medical Center's move to Community Regional downtown) Whew! Time sure flies here!

I remember the initial anxiety, then the building energy, and ultimately the big day that you all pulled off so successfully and the pride that goes with a job well done. It was a big event and it took everyone pulling together with the care and safety of our patients always foremost in our minds. Since that time, we have opened new units, installed electronic medical records, started numerous new procedures, recruited physicians in a number of unique specialties, grown our volumes in most every category, built new buildings and the list goes on.

Miracles may not quite be commonplace here, but overcoming adversity has become so much the norm that each new challenge that presents seems not to phase the organization any more. That is thanks to you, and the spirit that you collectively bring to your work every day. The spirit and energy that came to fruition five years ago is alive and well today, and it makes me proud to serve with such a dedicated group of physicians, nurses, technicians, therapists, and staff.

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