Single-payer System

Jack Chubb: October 15, 20090 Comments

Single-payer system is clear…as mud.

I often receive questions from friends, colleagues and employees about Community’s position on a single-payer health care plan. While it is difficult to take any position when a clear plan has yet to surface, in my opinion, we should all be extremely cautious. A single-payer healthcare insurance proposal sounds very attractive, but there are many different ways that a program like this could be an absolute disaster. As you hear the debate evolve it will be important to better understand the real motivations behind the plan that is finally advanced. 

In my view, there are still important questions left unanswered: Is the goal to make sure that everyone has an appropriate level of coverage? Who defines what appropriate is and is there choice for those who would want to purchase more if the basic plan is not comprehensive? Is there a plan to cover those who are in our country illegally?  Is the real motivation only to control healthcare costs, regardless of the stated intention or plan design? 

Part of the health care cost equation is politicians who have pleased their constituents by mandating more coverage than what they are willing to support financially. If they now try to maintain rich benefits while trimming the inadequate dollars even more, the system will not survive. While we could all benefit from a well thought-out and executed single-payer system, it will be very important to watch this conversation evolve. 
Thank you for your questions and feedback.  Keep them coming!