Safety is no Accident!

Jack Chubb: December 02, 20110 Comments

I was reviewing the Employee Satisfaction survey results with my team recently, like every one of our management team has with their team (or if they haven’t then this is a reminder).  While reviewing the responses to the questions as a whole, we spent a considerable amount of time on question 21 which reads, “This organization cares about employee safety.”  The vast majority of you agree that we do care about your safety, but 20% of the responses were neutral or unfavorable.  It got me to thinking about what our trends are for worksite injury and what resources are we making available to avoid accidents.  Just pausing for a few moments to think of all the risks associated with working in any hospital is enough to make one’s head spin!  Physically demanding jobs, working with sharp objects, trip hazards, airborne infection risks…the list goes on. 

But reviewing results of an Employee Satisfaction survey and thinking about it doesn’t change anything.  We know we need to take actions (second not so subtle hint to managers).  So what actions are we taking?  We continue to make adjustments to lighting, security deployment, badge access restrictions, new safety codes (Code Silver), promote flu vaccines (got yours yet?) and we are constantly surveying for risk areas.  One of the areas that I am very proud of is our organization’s effort to make resources available to you to help make our workplace safer.  Please take a moment to go to the Forum under Corporate Initiatives, C-Safe where you will find a wealth of information, resources, tools, and also an opportunity for you to enter a safety suggestion at  This site is primarily the work of Jim Stone, our corporate safety officer.  Jim’s work along with your help can make sure we keep our worksites safe.  Patients from throughout the valley are counting on you!  Thank you for your assistance in improving our worksite.