Pride in being Regional

Jack Chubb: May 02, 20110 Comments

Pride in being Regional

When I reflect on our organization, which I often do, it is pretty easy to realize that we really have become THE Regional Medical Center.  It has been invigorating to work with talented staff and physicians as we constantly evaluate what services are needed by the marketplace and continually innovate to meet those needs.  Being the largest and most diverse medical center doesn’t automatically make us THE Regional Medical Center.  Developing high quality services that the market needs and establishing collaborative partnerships with other hospitals including their staff and physicians to raise both the quality and availability of medical care is how we get there.  From medical education programs that train the physicians the valley needs, to outreach programs in key service lines reaching out to hospitals throughout the valley, Community Regional Medical Center is serving the residents of the entire Central Valley.  We have a lot to be proud of, and yet we have only just begun.

I am proud of the progress we have made over the past several years.  Working together, we have raised the bar in every key indicator of hospital performance.  Measures of quality, safety, patient satisfaction, throughput, and efficiency are all positive and still improving.  The result of which, is that increasing numbers of patients are choosing to seek their care at Community Regional Medical Center, thus increasing our volumes and the complexity of care we provide.   Our staff has earned the right to have a sense of pride in the scope of service and a quality care provided that is competitive on a national scale.   Recently, one of our patients had their care reviewed by a major medical center of international reputation.  Our staff welcomed the opportunity to have the care they were providing to be looked over.  After reviewing the patient’s medical records and diagnostics, the family was told, “We wouldn’t change a thing, they are doing it exactly right in Fresno.”  You can bet that message was reassuring to the family. 

It never gets old to find people in our community that want to tell me about the care that they or their loved ones had at our facility and that it exceeded expectations.  There is a buzz that is starting to develop where people are taking notice of the outstanding work that our physicians and staff are doing.  It is great to see that co-workers are proud to be part of the team that is Community Regional.  We have made many strides, but I want to move excellence to the next level –taking our “good” hospital to a “great” hospital.

We want the world to see us as a Regional Medical Center and not just a “safety net” hospital.  We provide exceptional care to a wide range of population demographics.  Working together we can and will continue to develop our clinical programming, our quality, and our service.  Thank you for the work you do each and every day to make Community Regional a better Regional Medical Center for our central California community! 

Blog question:  Tell me, what does it mean to you to have world-class healthcare right here at home -- where you work and live?