Organic Growth

Jack Chubb: October 26, 20110 Comments

Every now and then, something comes along that can really catch me by surprise in a positive way.  You know the type of thing, where you are already expecting something positive, but you really under-estimated just how good it could be.  That happened earlier this week, when Community Regional’s Green Team unveiled its Urban Garden.

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by and see the work that this team did, please make it a point to see the transformation of the courtyard adjacent to the cafeteria.  In this case, I am referring to the small courtyard on the north of the hallway, across from the larger courtyard where people eat outside on the patio.  A dedicated team of individuals gave of their time, talent, and treasures to personally transform this small area from basically meaningless to a remarkable example of how much you can do!  They gave life, literally, to an unused section of our facility.

As I toured the space, I thought about several meanings I could extract from the experience.  First of course, was the message about healthy dietary habits and how fresh vegetables and fruits contribute to our overall well-being.  Second was about the optimism and vision it takes to grow a garden.  Third was about the creativity the team used to make something out of next to nothing, and get so much out of such a small space.  Finally, I couldn’t help but feel pride in the type of folks who are helping us grow the “urban garden” that is Community Regional Medical Center.

We are growing into the life sustaining resource that serves the entire valley, and this project is strikingly symbolic of the work that the entire organization is quietly performing.  I know there were many hands involved but I want to make special note of a few folks who I know put a lot of time in.  Sam Okenyi, Mitch Mitchell, Richard Gracia, Connie Young, Paul Smith, Shannon Merritt, Belinda Sanchez, Diane Carlson, and Lynn Baker; thank you so much for the gift you have given our organization!