New RN put to test

Jack Chubb: September 12, 20110 Comments

As told by Katherine Toscano-Smith FNP-C, CDE
Community Regional Medical Center

(Name of the patient and some details have been changed to protect patient privacy.)
I wanted to share with you what excellent employees we have at Community Regional Medical Center. I recently watched one of our brand new nurses save the life of a friend.
On a recent week day evening, I entered the racquetball court at my club to find many people with looks of fear and sadness on their faces and then when I heard “Kathy, Joe is down on the court”! I looked over to the court and there was my friend laying on the ground with our Community Regional Floor 9-West extern Dulcie Wright performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
I knelt beside Dulcie and to check Joe’s vitals.  Dulcie said “No pulse, I couldn’t feel a pulse!” I felt for a carotid pulse and there was none. I told Dulcie to continue CPR and that fire and rescue were on the way. Dulcie had been performing CPR for at least 5 minutes.  As she continued with CPR I noticed Joe’s color was becoming blue/mottled and that he began agonal breathing (that agonizing breath associated with death) while Dulcie continued CPR until the fireman arrived and took over.
The EMT’s shocked him once and quickly put him on a gurney for transport.  When he left in the ambulance Joe did not have a pulse and the mood was somber at the gym. Dulcie was in a slight state of shock at what had happened but I commended her for staying calm and for performing an outstanding job!!! Dulcie did not hesitate when she saw a person in need and to the best of her ability and with her CPR knowledge attempted to save a man’s life. Being her friend and former manager, I was proud of her and I was honored we had such a devoted extern on 9W and that she is on her way to becoming be an awesome registered nurse!
Approximately an hour later, the fireman returned to the gym looking for Dulcie. They applauded Duclie and told us that Joe was alive when they arrived at the ER.  They credited Dulcie’s efforts for my friend surviving! Kudos to Dulcie from the Fresno Fire Department! This story has a happy ending because of an amazing nurse.

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