The holiday spirit is alive and well in downtown!

Jack Chubb: November 08, 20123 Comments

A few months back I was approached about Community Regional Medical Center potentially sponsoring an ice skating rink for the holiday season on the Fulton Mall.  At first, I thought “Outdoors? In Fresno? Won’t that be a duck pond?”  However, I was assured the technology exists to keep the ice frozen.

As a non-profit ourselves with few sponsorship dollars, I took a second look at this opportunity and here’s why.  First, our employees would enjoy it with their families and friends and I always look for ways to reward staff and our wonderful caregivers who go “above and beyond” whenever possible. I walked through the hospital and did a “sort-of-mini-focus” group and I was pleasantly pleased to find all staff engaged was excited about it.

Next, Community Regional makes a point to give back to its community and supporting this ice rink will allow a healthful way for folks in town to enjoy a wonderful holiday tradition.  It promotes businesses in our neighborhood and brings folks back downtown for a fun time. Can’t get any better than that!

And one more plus – Community Regional’s service area is far and wide in the Valley and folks from around this service area – Sanger, Madera, Caruthers, Selma, Visalia, Hanford – would probably love an invitation to bring their family to enjoy the outdoor ice rink.  Where do I sign?

I am delighted that one of the benefits of sponsoring the rink is discounted access for our staff. I’d also like to extend the discount opportunity to all Community staff, volunteers and physicians – because this family-friendly holiday experience is just too good not to share. I’m hoping you all will take advantage of this as a way to get outdoors and be active, both physically and in fellowship with friends and family.  I do want to clarify this is not a fundraiser for Community Regional as all proceeds go to the event organizer. The ice rink opens for business on Friday, Nov. 9 and will run through mid-January.

We will be announcing shortly that we’ve reserved an afternoon in December where Community Regional employees and their families will have a free skate, and it is rumored that a certain visitor from the North Pole will likely be there.  Here’s to entering the holiday season with fun and good cheer!


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I am looking forward to

I am looking forward to taking my daughter to the CRMC skate party on December 9th. It is nice that Fresno has an outdoor rink. Should be a ton of fun.

Tis the Season

When I had learned of the Downtown Ice Rink I was tickled pink. There are so many benefits that our community receives with this Ice rink, to name a few: One it helps our downtown community thrive, two it brings our community together in a positive aspect and three it unites families. I am proud to say that I am part of the Community Medical team when I hear that the employer I work for gives so graciously to the community. Thank you Community Regional Medical Center.

I think the outdoor Ice Rink

I think the outdoor Ice Rink is a wonderful idea. A great way to start off the holiday season getting people together for a good time. Just a suggestion, if CMC does this again or other events, it would be great if employees could order tickets online through a payroll deduction and have the tickets delivered via interoffice mail. I work at an off site facility and no where near either hospital. Thanks.

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