A Fresh New Step

Jack Chubb: July 02, 20131 Comments

We’ve all heard of Jared, the Subway representative who lost over two-hundred pounds on a Subway-only diet. He is truly an inspiration. In the many different ways, our staff here at Community Regional is quite an inspiration as well.

Early last spring, we got the go-ahead to move forward with the plans to build a 24-hour Subway. We were all very excited for what this meant for our staff and Community Regional as a whole.

We felt that having a Subway would be a great way to provide the night staff better late-night and early-morning dining options. We first opened this new feature during the night shift a couple of weeks ago.

Our chief operating officer, Craig Wagoner, made the first sub, representing the timely process and all the hard work it took to make this Subway a reality.

We are proud to serve Subway to our employees. The employees asked for healthier food choices in the cafeteria – we heard them. They’ve longed for more available hours to purchase food, and we are so happy to be able to provide that as well.

Because the health and happiness of our employees and patients are important to us, we will continue to work to improve the health of our community as a whole. We know this Subway is a “fresh” step in the right direction.

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What a great way to offer

What a great way to offer healthier food options to employees. Not only this but it's convenient for those working at CRMC. Thank you for taking action and providing this wonderful value added benefit!

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