Employees Help Define the Employer of Choice Environment

Jack Chubb: July 18, 20120 Comments

In the recent employee forums I mentioned that a number of Community Regional Medical Center employees would have the opportunity to join other CMC system hospitals in a "Decision Accelerator" process in early August.  By now, employees have received their invitations and supervisors and managers have been asked to work with them and the other employees under their supervision to provide them the time to participate in this full day of activities.  Why is this so important?  Well, as I mentioned in the forums, management sincerely wants to seriously create the "Employer of Choice" environment and we recognize that it is critical to receive input from employees.  Only you can tell us how you define what the "Employer of Choice" environment looks like to you.  I encourage you to go to the Forum by clicking on the following link http://www.communitymedical.org/news-events/blogs/it-takes-community/why-many-are-smarter-few.  Your feedback is an important piece in making it a success.  For those of you who have been invited, I want you to have fun, speak up and enjoy the time that you are committing to helping us create a better work environment for you and your colleagues at Community Medical Center.

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