Compassion when nobody is looking

Jack Chubb: May 02, 20122 Comments

As we celebrate Nursing Week, and prepare to celebrate Hospital Week, I want to share a story that one of our nurses shared with me during last week’s Employee Recognition Celebration.  The nurse, who works in our NICU, told me about a very touching scene that she had observed.  Looking out of the windows from the NICU she noticed two of our nurses walking with and supporting, a frail elderly patient through the rose garden.  She could tell that this patient was really enjoying herself while she strolled through the garden.  At one point the patient stopped and leaned forward to smell the roses.  The nurses gently rubbed her back as they supported her and then assisted her as she stood back up.  One of the nurses then picked one of the roses and gave it to the patient as they continued their walk through the garden.  I could not help but feel touched by this great observation of compassion.  These nurses weren’t doing this for public recognition.  Odds are they probably don’t even realize that others observed their walk in the rose garden with this patient.

I am so proud of the Medical Center that we have become!  We will continue to get better because we have so many employees who are committed to outstanding care giving.  Thank you for the opportunity to share this story and I hope you all take a moment to reflect upon the wonderful things that you and your colleagues do every day to positively touch the  lives of others.

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this is brilliant and it best to do things when people are not much so that you can always keep the anonymity. just my 2 cent


Beautiful. Life affirming. CMC Nursing is all of this.

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